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Register to receive up to £150 per postcard.

We’ll pay you up to £150 per postcard

Receive up to £150 for every postcard you receive from Google on our behalf. The money will be paid directly to your PayPal account.

Claim your money on this website

To claim your money all you have to do is to type the five digit code from the postcard you received to the money claim form at the bottom of this website.

It only takes one week to get paid

It normally takes one week for the postcard with the code to arrive to your address after you register on this website.

Suitable for tenants and landlords

Cash for card is suitable for those who live in the UK and have the authority to receive post at the address of their residence.

What Cash for Card is used for?

Cash for Card is used to help small businesses in the UK to list their business in Google Map. Typically we work with local artists, photographers, gardeners and plumbers. You can now help them to get access to customers in your town by letting them to use your address as a virtual address for their business listing on Google Maps. Cash for Card is not used for any other purposes.

Is it all real?

Yes of course! People earn money by receiving postcards.

Is Cash for Card unique?

No. There are number of other similar schemes in the UK.

What are they?

MBE Mailboxes and AirBnB operate on similar basis.

Who benefits from Cash for Card?

Cash for Card helps the owners of small businesses in the UK to establish a virtual presence in other parts of the city. By listing their business on Google Maps in places that are located not too far away from their main office, the small business owners can receive more customer enquiries. Cash for Card also helps the local consumers by increasing the number of service providers available to them locally.

Small businesses that use the Cash for Card

The Photographers of Essex

The Photographer's of Essex are a group of professionals who specialise in wedding photography. In Chelmsford, where they are based, they can only receive up to four wedding photography orders per month. With the help of the Cash for Card people can find them in Google in Essex ,as well as in East London, and because of that they receive enough orders to make living out of their professional photography service.

James's Gardening

James runs a small gardening company in Surrey. In Ashtead, where his small firm is based, there are not enough customers. To survive James must look beyond his village for business. The Cash for Card has helped James to establish a virtual presence in Epsom and Croydon. James’s company is now found not only in Ashtead, but also in Epsom and Croydon, by people who search for gardeners in Google.

Green Plumbing

Green Plumbing is the family run plumbing firm based in Richmond. The company consists of Richard and his two sons Ronnie and Johnny. The company receives approximately eight orders per week from customers located in Richmond, another eight orders from Kingston upon Thames and about ten orders from Twickenham. The Cash for Card has helped Green Plumbing to establish their presence in Google Maps in Twickenham and Kingston.

What we pay?

Business Address


Example Ltd

Example Business Park

Example Road

Example EX9 7XE

House Address


24 Example Road

Example Green

Example EX3 8EX


Flat Address


Flat 11,

Example Court

Example Road

Example EX1 3EX

PO Box Address


PO Box 111,

Example Street

Example EX9 1EX



There is virtually no risk to tenants and landlords. Your address will be used solely for the purpose of registering small, local business with Google Maps.

You are going to receive only one postcard from Google. To prevent other businesses from sending their offers to you we are going to register your address with the Mail Preference Service (MPS).

We are going to register only one small business for each Google postcard received by you.

Yes. With your permission we can register with Google Maps more than one small business under your address. You will be notified in advance should this be required.

The small business will be registered with the Google Maps under your address indefinitely.

Yes you can. In order to register a new small business on Google Maps we need the five digit code from the postcard you received from Google. You can choose not to forward this code to us.

It takes approximately seven days.

To start, register your name and address on this website. Once your registration details are received by us we are going to register a new small business with Google Maps, using your address. Few days later you are going to receive a postcard from Google with the five digit code. To claim your money, you will need to type this code on the money claim form provided on this website. One day later the money will be paid to you.

If you don't receive the postcard from Google with the code within 15 days from the day you’ve registered with Cash for Card please let us know by email at help@cashforcard.org We will send a request to Google asking them to send another postcard to you.

Yes, of course you can, as long as you can receive post at your address.

Yes you can. To check what kind of businesses we are helping at the moment email us at help@cashforcard.org.

We would like to help all of those who plan to set up their own business but cannot afford expensive online advertising.

We only register small businesses which deliver services at their customer addresses such as wedding photographers, plumbers and gardeners.

Recommend us to your friends

You might like to recommend Cash for Card to your friends and family. They might also like to help small local businesses and earn money for taking part in this ambitious project. Just type their email address and your name in the boxes provided.

I found out about Cash for Card from the leaflet I was given by a man on the High Street. I was encouraged to get involved by the promise of earning £40 but after reading the story of the Cash for Card on their website I decided to help them because I am a small business owner myself and I know how difficult it is to start small business if you don't have enough cash to pay for online advertising.

Anne McMullen

Initially I hesitated to allow the Cash for Card to list a small business on Google Maps using my address. I've done some research about it and found that what the Cash for Card do is not new or unusual. Small businesses in the UK have used virtual addresses for a long time. I decided to sign up for Cash for Card and allow them to use my address because they only use it for Google Maps.

Anthony Corbishley

I have signed up for Cash for Card and received £20 three days later. The process is very simple and the purpose for it is clear to me. I also found communicating with the customer service team very easy. Would recommend this organisation to all those who want to earn some cash while helping small businesses in the UK.

Amanda O'Brien

I think that Cash for Card is a fantastic idea. It's time for the ordinary people in the UK to stop large internationals such as Google ripping off small businesses for online advertising. If we don't do anything about it, we all will end up working for large corporates because the market will be dominated by them and small businesses will not stand a chance against them. Google and the large multinationals take money out of small businesses and keep their profits outside of the UK in tax havens. This must stop and the Cash for Card can change this if we all help small businesses advertise for free in Google Maps.

Ajay Patel

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